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“Working with Jill has been brilliant. She is calm, caring and put me at ease very quickly, understanding my issues and how best to help me.  I’d never used EFT before and was a little uncertain about it and how it could work. Jill guided me through it and I felt a lot of different emotions throughout the session.  It wasn’t always easy but it definitely helped release the trauma I had been living with.  I noticed a difference straight away. I knew that something had changed and felt a sense of relaxation and lightness afterwards.  Each follow up session with Jill was just as powerful and helped to release unhelpful beliefs and emotions.  I highly recommend working with Jill.”

Sarah, Sussex

I never realised how well I could be until I started talking to Jill. Jill changed my life when I was struggling with PTSD. Yes she’s an amazing hypnotherapist with a wealth of experience and tools to draw on, but beyond that she is intuitive, kind, funny, spiritual, and straight talking when she needs to be – just a really great person to have on your side. I quickly built a relationship with Jill based on mutual trust and respect in-spite of our sessions being over the internet.  I can’t recommend Jill highly enough.

Aurelie Walker-Dean, Scotland

“The thing I remember most about Jill is her calm presence during sessions and her complete professionalism to be fully engaged no matter what the content. She is gentle, open, loving and supporting in her interaction giving way to a space that enables real growth and development.
In particular I have been struck by Jilly’s ability to guide me to identify the blockage that were hidden, helping me to see the clear picture and allowing me to be in control. Jilly has the wonderful ability to ask searching questions. She is observant and highly knowledgeable, bringing a wealth of expertise and experience to each session. I would highly recommend Jilly and find her to be a mentor and model whose standard of excellence I wish to achieve in my own work.”

Sam Thorpe –

“Oh my gosh, the change has been amazing. I’m so chilled, have regained my sense of fun and able to manage my daughter’s ways. She tested me last night, but I kept my cool, communicated effectively and all was good. Chatting with my partner last night was like the way we used to be years ago, just lovely.  I’ve got journals for us all and boards for our future plans.  The true me is definitely back! I can’t thank you enough!!! You are blessed with an amazing talent! Much love and appreciation

Chrissy, Sussex

“We got in touch with Jill because we needed some help for our 12 year old son. He was desperate to find some tools to help him cope with severe OCD which was so ingrained that it had become a way of life. Although optimistic, we weren’t prepared for the enormous change we’ve seen in him, and which he can attest to. Within one session he was finding ways to cope in stressful situations. Having tapping as a tool was very empowering. Within 3 sessions he had opened up and relieved himself of some pretty serious emotional burdens. He is now completely free of OCD. He is now ritual free and able to hear words which were previously ‘triggers’. He is a much calmer, happier child, in fact, he is the child we always knew was in there, but was being slowly overtaken by this disorder. As a family we’ve all benefited, as prior to seeing Jill we were walking on eggshells.

I was struck by Jill’s warmth and compassion, her integrity, patience and gentleness with my son. She was hugely respectful of him, encouraged him to open up, whilst honouring his need for privacy. She used many different practices within each session, explaining clearly what she was doing. It was a real privilege to be present in the sessions, and to see my child emerge.

Overall it was a hugely positive experience, so much so in fact that I am keen for the rest of the family to see Jill. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jill, and in fact I do often!!!

Julia, Lewes

“I feel great since my session in so many ways. Its amazing to be free of fear and I really feel I am healing” Thanks again. C Murphy 2015

“Jill was my lifeline at a time when all about me was in turmoil. Jill gave me a way to see a light at the end of the tunnel. She gave me the time and space that I needed to reflect on issues that were of deep concern to me at the time. Her non-judgmental, patient and professional way of working with very big issues with me was a real comfort. I always felt totally respected and I knew that Jill had the skills and experience to hold what was for me a very difficult space. I went to Jill feeling desperately alone, I cried and laughed and when each of my sessions ended I was in a much better place personally. I would recommend Jill to anyone who wanted to work with a truly talented, understanding, excellent therapist. GB 2008

“A very belated THANK YOU! for seeing H a few weeks ago.  We both thoroughly enjoyed our time with you – you were fantastic with H, made us both feel so relaxed about everything and above all, since our visit, life has been pretty rosey!” Sarah

“A guardian angel was looking down on me when I was given Jill Wootton’s number. As a very successful dancer and choreographer I have been allowed to find myself through her incredible work. I cannot stress how much not just myself but both friends and family noticed the difference in me, my positivity, energy levels and outlook in life. I truly believe I would not be where I am without her support and knowledge. It was an privilege and one of the most rewarding and remarkable journeys of my life. I went for hypnotherapy with Jill Wootton three times in 2008, and my emotional health has been so much more balanced ever since”. V London

“When I first came to see Jill I was dealing with OCD that often kept me up through the night. After she helped me using the rewind technique, I was gradually able to calm down, and within a few months my high anxiety that had me at crisis point had been brought right down. So much so that the psychologist I saw shortly afterwards, deemed my behaviours to be more of a habit than actual OCD and I was able to stop doing the routine far more easily. I don’t know where I’d be without Jill’s sessions and I have not looked back since. Anna 2010

“I found the course life changing, exhilarating and totally enlightening, and now feel inspired to change my career and I’m looking forward to my career as a therapist” SM 2011

“I found you to have a wonderful blend of professionalism and humour, approaching your work with such zeal and enthusiasm.  You have inspired me to make a difference in the world. Thank you. BN 2008

“You have a natural ability to teach, educate and extract the best from people.  As I heard from someone…” As you let your light shine, you light up those around you…” DS 2008

“The course surpassed my expectations in many aspects. I found Jill to be extremely knowledgeable about her subject and she is clearly an excellent hypnotherapist”. H.Hicks- Retired HR Director 2014

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