THE MAGICAL SHIFT, a  transformational life coaching programme that gives you the road map to upgrade your life.

Reconnect to your strongest self – no matter what your present circumstances.

When you know how to step into your true strength and harness the power of your mind – a truly magical shift happens.






With the right knowledge - that shift is waiting for you.

You may have already tried to feel more confident and calm, have more energy clarity and motivation. You might even know about meditation, goal setting and positive thinking but your life doesn’t change.


You aren’t alone as millions of great people have worked hard to realise their dreams but find it tough. And working harder isn’t always the answer?

To upgrade your life you will have to move past limiting beliefs and old stories quickly. That journey is all about connecting with an empowering mindset, intention and energy.

The Ultimate Driving Force Of Your Life Are The Patterns In Your Subconscious Mind

These patterns dictate your everyday experience, the emotions you have and how you behave.

This makes life feel like ‘Groundhog’ day as you unknowingly recreate the same sort experiences – good and bad. Happiness can elude us in our modern high pressured world; disempowering states such as anxiety, exhaustion and lack of focus are all too common.

Your mind stores your beliefs and perspectives

Each time you make a new years resolution or a promise to yourself to do things differently – if you don’t bust the current mind patterns that have been running the show so far, your dreams will remain your dreams.

The Secret to Change starts with your mindset

What will your life look like when you have the mindset and strategies to create awesome lasting change?

Make a breakthrough in your career, intuitive connection, finances and confidence.

Imagine what it would be like to:

• Feel strong inside and confident with others
• Feel more relaxed
• Believe in yourself and feel positive
• Rise above circumstances when life chucks a curveball at you
• Have better relationships
• Be able to cope when others are being ‘difficult.’
• Have lots more energy
• Feel more motivated
• Be more in tune with you intuition
• Make clear quick decisions

So whether you want to start a new career, be more confident and positive. Or, improve your relationships, have more energy and focus so you can kick start some amazing manifesting – sign up to this program and commit to your best future.

What you get:

Starting on Tuesday 27th February at 7.00pm GMT

  • 9 Live webinars
  • A private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get answers
  • Awesome customer support


Week 1 – How to create your miracle mindset – you will learn how disempowering emotional states effect your whole body, and be given techniques and strategies to take control. Understand the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state and neuroplasticity and how they lay at the heart of healing and transformation. You will learn proven breathing and relaxation techniques too.

Week 2 – Your Energy Systems – as the ancients have known, we are more than flesh and blood. Learn how your subtle energy system, your mind and body interact. Learn mind-blowing techniques for change

Week 3 – Life changing techniques for blasting through your blocks – limiting beliefs can sabotage relationships, health career and confidence. You will start to identify your blocks to happiness – and have the tools to overcome them.

Week 4 – The 8 step framework for happiness – there are 8 areas of life that if not in harmony can lead to emotional and physical imbalance. And, can be the cause of many problems. This simple 8 step overview will give you a framework to highlight the steps that help you to get out of difficult times and bring greater happiness.

Week 5 – Upgrade your relationships – learn how to improve your relationships starting with the one you have with yourself. you will go through the process Jill uses with her clients on how to forgive and move on from the past. When you are on the brink of change it is vital to be able to find a sense of peace from the stress of the past.

Week 6 – Be strong in relationships with other people and difficult circumstances – often when faced with certain people or situations your power can ebb away. You will learn how to stop this so you can maintain your confidence and health. When you feel more deserving of great relationships, you are more likely to attract the people that will enhance and support your journey.

Week 7 – Get plugged in and create your own story – having a clear vision for your future is important if you want to make your dreams reality. Jill will guide you through the 5 basic steps to clarifying your vision then manifesting your future now.

Week 8 – Enhance your intuition to make decisions easy. Be able to make clear decisions and and feel a connection with your higher purpose. You will also learn to get to your truth spot – vital if you are going to follow your true purpose and not the one your ego wants you to go down!

Week 9 – How to go forward and maintain your new self. The guidance and support you will receive on this program can bring about the magical shift that you are seeking – by now you will have noticed differences in many areas of your life. We want those skills to become rock steady so we spend this session on consolidating and giving you some powerful visualisations to make sure those skills become just part of who you are without having to remember what you learnt.

How do I learn?

Your 9 week program will deliver your skills and knowledge through a series of weekly webinars and interaction in a Private Facebook group.

You will get guidance support and teaching but you will also need to take action.

Webinar recordings are always sent out – but best experienced live.

You will learn how to:

  • be resilient when life gets tough
  • feel more confident
  • banish self sabotage and clear the blocks to your success
  • look after yourself
  • improve your relationships
  • forgive yourself
  • use techniques to feel better fast
  • stay positive, increase your energy and happiness

Our Guarantee

We Care About You

  • Our customer support team headed by fantastic friendly Karen Reynolds, are there to help if you have any questions!

NO Questions asked guarantee!

  • We want you to love what you have bought. So if you don’t feel that this course is for you and doesn’t meet your expectations within the first 2 weeks/sessions then we would be happy to give you your money back. Just let us know  and we will refund your money no questions asked.

Jill Wootton is your trainer: Jill's unique gifts 

Jill’s thirst for understanding the mind and our non physical energy systems made her walk away from a successful business career and embark on a remarkable journey. Jill worked with many eminent people in the mind body field and became an expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Using a fusion of traditional and energy psychology, Jill has now coached and trained thousands and thousands of people. She said ‘We live in extraordinary times and are on the brink of a huge shift where every person is being called to be the best version of themselves.. There has never been a greater need for empowering people to be confident clear and who are working from a higher perspective. I want to share the skills that helped me expand and create a career and life I love, I believe this to be my life’s work.’

And you will have life long skills to:

  • use the worlds 2 most powerful techniques for life long change
  • feel more confident and empowered
  • break the patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back
  • use visualisation to create magical shifts
  • stay calm during difficult times
  • be more creative and intuitive
  • use energy techniques that bring mind-blowing transformation

'And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it was to blossom,' Anais Nin

Allow me to walk with you on a magical journey of awakening to your true strong vibrant self.

This is the first time this course has been delivered in an on line format so we are giving a huge discount to the ones who walk with us for the first time.


(Price in Dollars Approx $275)



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