Are You Ready To Live Your FULL Potential?

Learn how you can use two scientifically proven processes to break old habits and create powerful subconscious blueprints for success. Live a magnificent life full of meaning, success and happiness.

When you unlock your creative potential and find clarity in your passion and purpose, success is guaranteed. You can improve your career, financial situation, relationships, health and build unshakable confidence.

Learn the techniques that changed Jill’s life and helped thousands of her clients create a life full of meaning success and joy.

Lets bust the number 1 myth that stops people succeeding.

‘Try harder and you will get better results.’

Now we are not suggesting you sit and wait for the world to drop an amazing life in your lap. If you have tried to improve your life and not got the results you want. It is likely that your energy has gone into consciously changing your behaviour, when the driving force is what’s happening in your subconscious mind.

Each time you make a new years resolution or a promise to yourself to do things differently – if you don’t bust the current mind patterns that have been running the show so far, you will meet stress, resistance and failure.

Millions of great people have tried to use their willpower to achieve goals and break old habits and most fall at the first hurdle. Wouldn’t it be fabulous if you could change the way you feel so you can create a life you love – with great ease!

Imagine finding it easy to do stuff that in the past has felt impossible to achieve. Having laser like focus to crack through what you need to do, feeling more relaxed, intuitive and in control. Sound good?

We have created a TOTALLY UNIQUE PRODUCT so you can magnify your success. This is an exclusive chance to work with Jill and learn what she uses with her clients. Join the thousands of people who have found the keys to success since working with Jill.

Let’s explain why sometimes no matter how hard you try, you can’t make a breakthrough in your career intuitive connection, finances or confidence.

The Ultimate Driving Force Of Your Life Are The Blueprints In Your Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind commands your everyday experience through the filter of your thoughts and beliefs. Thoughts have the power to direct your life by causing patterns of brain activity that wire cells together. So the more you think something the stronger those links become.

Most people have the same thoughts running because they focus on their current emotions, environment and situation. Each time you have a thought it adds a charge to that mind pattern. And makes life feel like ‘Groundhog’ day as you unknowingly recreate the same sort experiences – good and bad.

Change is hard when just using will power.

‘Studies from as far back as the seventies show that our brains begin to prepare for action just over a third of a second before we consciously decide to act. In other words, even when we ‘think’ we are conscious, it is our unconscious mind which is actually making our decisions for us.’

The Key To A Super Powered New You - Change Your Unconscious Blueprint

Science shows you can change any blueprint. A blueprint is simply a series of neurons (cells in your brain) that wire and fire together.

And there are constant changes in the way neurons connect due to the brains ‘plasticity’ that means it can ALWAYS change and grow new networks.

Isn’t it great to know that new thoughts can be integrated into your beliefs and transmitted to your consciousness at any time?

And guess what that means – Yes, YOU can change your blueprint. Anyone of them!

YOU can enjoy a new blueprint that is aligned with your deepest desires. You can create a subconscious habit that will instinctively steer your motivation, intuition and action towards what you desire.

A New Blueprint Is Created Through Your Imagination

‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.’

- Albert Einstein

You suddenly find yourself thinking and doing things differently, helpful feelings and reactions are just there. New situations just seem to show up and life takes on a new stream of creation.

The Secret To Successful Visualisation is Visualisation PLUS Emotion

The key to the change is vividly imagining what you want and really feeling how the new you will feel.

So when you want to create change you can use your imagination to create a rich experience of the new you. All of what you will enjoy and love – this literally rewires your brain.

But if the existing patterns in your subconscious are massively different to where you want to be, it can be hard to visualise and get the new feelings.

And that is where the unique combination of EFT and Creative Visualisation are such an immense force for quick and lasting change.

2 Easy Steps BREAK The Old Blueprint And CREATE The New - With The Two Most Powerful Mind Tools On The Planet

The combined skills of EFT (Tapping) and Creative Visualisation are simply the most powerful way to transform old beliefs structures and create new ones.

  • 1

    Tap Away The Old Blueprint With The Emotional Freedom Technique

    A technique that is taking the world by storm – from celebrity sports personalities to trauma victims of war.

    By tapping specific points on your skin you send signals to the brain to change patterns of thought and emotion. This process has been described as tapping without needles and works because it activates the same energy system that acupuncturists use.

    Tapping demolishes old blueprints. You can let go of worries and limiting habits at lightening speed. The barriers of the mind that have held you back will dissolve in minutes?
    Then that is where Creative Visualisation comes in to set a new blueprint for stepping outside current reality.

  • 2

    Form A Powerful New Blueprint With Creative Visualisation

    Imagine what you want regularly and include the emotions of how it would feel then your brain gets to create the neural loops that will create the new subconscious programme. And that is the beginning of creating a new experience of reality. Match up your desires and your subconscious blueprint and you have a mighty force that will help you live the life you have always wanted.

Live the Life You Dream Of

Just imagine being able to create a life you love from the inside out? Have a career you love, the ability to create financial wealth. And imagine the places you’ll visit? What will your home be like and what new experiences will you have.

It doesn’t matter how impossible or far away your dream feels right now. If you do the work and create the new blueprint, then all parts of you become aligned.

You create a launch pad that fires an immense rocket of desire into the heart of creation. Keep visualizing and the force of all creation follows. Believe it or not that is science not fiction.

Who should buy this product

If you feel that there is something more to add to your life. Do you:

  • feel there is something more to life? Something else you should be doing?
  • know what you want but aren’t making it happen? Not seeming to be able to ‘get out there.’
  • want to connect more powerfully to your intuition?
  • lack confidence in what you want to offer the world?
  • want to create more abundant finances and success in your career?
  • want to improve your energy and well being?
  • want to learn tools to banish old unhelpful patterns?
  • want to create new instinctive patterns of wanted behaviour?
  • want be more focused?

You will discover just how easy change is – 2 Steps.
Together for the first time ever – the awesome power of EFT and CREATIVE VISUALISATIONS

Here’s what you get

A totally unique product – no one has ever put these powerful tools together in one product. In a nutshell you will get 24 audios. 12 EFT audios to guide you through breaking the old patterns and 12 creative visualizations to evolve a new blueprint for success and happiness.

Along with a host of bonus material and a step-by-step user manual which has been described by a client who tested the product as ‘ a mighty guide to change and very easy to follow.’

And here is the most important thing. What does this product mean for you?

No more being stuck in old patterns, you can set yourself free and literally create new experiences. Would you like to have any of the following?

  • Know what your true path is
  • Build the skills to make your mark on the world
  • Bring your unique gifts into reality so that others can benefit too
  • Build strong intuition and connection to your highest wisdom
  • Have unbounded confidence and faith
  • Create the steps you need to take to manifest your goals
  • Take action to manifest your dreams and have laser like focus when working on a task
  • A strong financial blueprint geared for unlimited abundance
  • An optimistic outlook and focus on solutions
  • A get back up attitude – the ability to overcome obstacles along the way
  • Increased well being and energy
  • Increased confidence when you are with other people
  • Be able to be yourself in every situation and speak your truth

Ok so here is the product in full detail

For each of the 12 sections you will receive 2 audios. One guiding you through the tapping to break any habits that may stand in your way. And a Creative Visualisation to build the blueprint for future reality.

  • 1

    Connect With Your Passion and Purpose

    Get tuned into your higher self and enjoy the wisdom that comes from the greater intelligence of the universe. Connect with the deeper wiser you, as you are guided to your passion and deep purpose in life. Living a life that works towards what your inner being loves is essential for creating a foundation of a happy abundant life.

  • 2

    Build Your Intuition

    You have two minds, your conscious and sub conscious mind. Science shows that your sub conscious mind accounts for around 95% of your potential resources. Eminent neurologist Dr Bruce Lipton said – ‘it ultimately casts the deciding vote on how much success, abundance, happiness, health and freedom you will experience in your life.’ So getting to know the wisdom of your intuition is key for a successful happy life.

  • 3

    Create Your Vision

    Bring together your passion, purpose and intuition to create the vision of your future life. Be guided by the forces outside of current reality to imagine a life that goes beyond what your current experience might dictate.

  • 4

    Build Abundant Confidence And Courage

    Confidence and Courage will be powerful allies as you take action to bring to life, your life’s purpose. Get into the driving seat and steer your course, have total unswerving conviction in what you are doing and where you are going. No one can hold you back as you say ‘my dream. My path.’

  • 5

    Power Up Your Financial Abundance

    Send a fire into your belief system to destroy any thoughts that put the brakes on you creating financial wealth. Create a blueprint for wealth creation. Set in motion the forces that drives money your way.

  • 6

    Secure An Optimistic Outlook

    Every journey will experience challenges and unexpected turns. Become equipped with enduring commitment and learn how to dig deep to follow your belief. And a bonus is that increased optimism is inspiring for others to witness and will make you more attractive to be around.

  • 7

    Be True to Yourself

    You are utterly unique and when you are being true to yourself in any situation you operate from a point of your greatest power and influence. Being yourself and not how others want you to be – or how you think you should be will increase your potential for creating what you really want in this life.

  • 8

    Increase Your Energy And Well-Being

    No matter what point you start from this section will bring you increased physical vitality and mental clarity.

  • 9

    Feel Confident in Social Situations

    You were born to be a social being, so enjoy stripping back any negative inner chatter and rejoice in the delight of easy conversation.

  • 10

    Pick Yourself Up and Find Solutions

    Weave a great network of neural connections that will enable you to greet problems, setbacks and obstacles with determination confidence and have the mental agility to overcome them.

  • 11

    Develop A Laser Focus For Getting Jobs Done

    Focus is vital to crush procrastination and move your life forward. Enjoy powering up your desires with instinctive focus on the job in hand. Desire plus focus plus action means you are working with the law of the universe.

  • 12

    I Create My Tomorrow Today – Bring Into Alignment A Stellar Powerhouse Of Creative Force

    This powerful final section helps you to bring in all the cooperative forces of creation to build your dream and improve any area of your life. It will help train your mind to believe that the dream has already happened, you will feel it, hear and know how good it feels. This powerful alignment of internal and external consciousness will pave your path to your goals.

  • And there is more!

    A step by step guide on how to make sure this programme brings results fast. It leads you through each of the sections and gives invaluable psychology hints and skill tips to support your transformation. You will learn how to get really good at EFT and creative visualisation even without the audios (picture of manual alongside).

And more? Yes, we are giving you a bonus section too.

* 6 months enrolment to our future membership site. You get 6 emails full of self help video tutorials and additional Break and Create audios. All totally free of charge. Not open to anyone else until July 2015
* Chakra Balancing Visualisation mp3
* Your Chakras Explained mp3
* Chakra Map

What you can expect

Easy lasting change as you live a life based on what you love. When you follow your passion and purpose, you can create anything from this launch pad. The energy alignment you create will bring universal forces that catapult your dream to reality.

Change comes in minutes. Each Tapping audio lasts c12 minutes, and the Creative Visualisations are c18 minutes. You can turn your new skills to change ANY area of your life.


“I truly believe that this is the best self-development product currently on the market. EFT is a really powerful tool and you can just feel the change within minutes. In combination with powerful creative visualisations makes this a truly life-changing course and it’s so easy to follow. Most units felt like they were especially created for me.
The creative visualisations are absolutely amazing. It’s like creating your new desired life right in front of your inner eye while relaxing deeply. This whole course is truly life-changing. I love the short bite-sized sessions which are easy to fit even into the busiest schedule. Loved every bit of it. It’s become my new treasure! And I suddenly have been getting more clients call me.”

- Sandy EFT and Reiki Master

“Can’t believe how different I feel, its like something inside has been set free. I just feel happier, clearer and have a strong vision for my future and for the first time have been really confident in taking the steps to make it real. My friends all notice the difference in me. Feel so excited.”

- Wendy

“I was privileged to be among the first few people to try out this new product – and what a fantastic experience it was!

A few sessions were enough to notice how different this programme is from anything I’ve come across before. There is nothing of the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that often makes self-help tools feel bland or impersonal. This package pushes you to really work with your own experience in a way that is most meaningful to you.
You really make it your own, by tuning into all that stuff that’s blocking YOU personally and clearing it out of the way. Follow that up with some positive tapping and the great creative visualisations that come with each module, and you’re really set up to make the changes you need for the life you want.”

- Benedict, West Sussex

Senior Consultant in an international development agency / Solution-Focused Therapist

I’m about to finish module 5 about abundance. This is so inspiring and exactly what I need right now. Since I’ve started your ‘Follow your passions, transform your life’ course a few things have come up that have put part of my ideas/expectations for this year upside down already but thanks to the tapping I’m seeing them all as blessings and am starting to feel really excited. I have decided to re-launch my therapy business quite soon. Had some amazing insights.
I’m curious to know how it’ll all work itself out. I’m just so excited right now! And I truly believe things started moving in the right direction when I started your tapping course. Thanks again for sharing it with me. The transformation has begun ;-)

- Bella Teacher

I gained a greater understanding of the areas I need to work on, being able to identify what’s blocking me, and deal with those blocks, I feel like I’m starting to gain freedom from those blocks, what a liberating feeling!
The positive tapping and creative visualisations gave me an idea of where my life is able to go when restricting thoughts don’t hold me back. I realised how focusing on an illness I have has stopped me living my life. I feel free and motivated in a way I haven’t done before.
Thanks Jill!

- Cathryn M East Sussex

Our Guarantee


  • The creative Visualisations are of the highest standard. Written by Jill and 2 other experts in hypnotic language – you don’t have to try to make them work because the expertly crafted audios do it for you

  • All of the EFT audios have been written by Jill – an expert in using EFT for overcoming resistance to positive change

We care about you

  • Our customer support team headed by fantastic friendly Karen Reynolds, are there to help if you have any difficulties accessing the product or have questions about the product itself

NO Questions asked guarantee!

  • We want you to love what you have bought. If you don’t feel that this product meets your expectations or doesn’t bring change to your life then have it on us, you don’t have to return anything. Just let us know within 30 days and we will refund your money no questions asked. No need to prepare something like ‘sorry but the dog ate it!’

Flexible listening

  • The audios can be downloaded to any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When I try to visualize I don’t see anything.

    We get asked this a lot. And the answer is that few people ‘see’ their visualizations as it is more of getting a sense of a situation. So if I ask you to imagine your favourite place to be, most people won’t ‘see’ it but get information through their senses about what it would be like to be there. And as they imagine being there, feelings that come along too.

  • I don’t have any experience; will it take ages to learn?

    Jill sees some of her clients for just an hour and in that time they learn the basics of tapping and experience a mind changing creative visualisation. So no the video and the User Guide will teach you to use tapping in under 20 minutes. And for the creative visualisation – just leave that to us and listen to the audios. Oh but Jill says ‘the user guide will also teach you how to use your imagination in a life changing way.’

  • How long will it take to see any effects?

    The effects are quick. Tapping can shift engrained out of date patterns and you can feel differently within minutes. The corresponding shift in perspective makes you approach things differently. You will act and react in a new way.

  • Will I have to be relaxing at home to listen to the audios?

    You can listen to the creative visualizations anywhere that doesn’t require you to concentrate, such as driving. The tapping audios might need you to have a bit of privacy as tapping on the train or in a store may bring some funny looks.

  • Can I listen on any device?

    Sure can.

  • What happens if I don’t have time for a few days?

    You pick up where you left off as far as the guide is concerned but remember this is about training your mind for change so in time – you won’t need the audios as you will be able to do this as an inner journey. Even if just for 2 minutes a day.

  • What if I find it isn’t for me?

    Oh we want you to email or call us and we will give you your money back no questions asked.

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What people have to say about Jill!

Here are some anonymous comments that some of Jill’s students wrote down after attending a recent course with her.

“Fabulous, inspirational teacher & nurturing healer.”

“Never ending inspiration!”

“Dynamic, great friend, fab humour!”

“Fab tutor, always giving and funny!”

“Inspiring leader.”

“A super, inspiring strong soul.”

“A born teacher.”

“A privilege to meet, a kindred spirit.”

“A total inspiration, your dedication to your students and to your mission is incredible, always giving & joyful.”

Other testimonials…..

“Just to say that not many days go by that I don’t thank my lucky stars that I met you and had such a fantastic opportunity working with you. Thanks Jill for helping make it all possible.


“Jill was my lifeline at a time when all about me was in turmoil.She gave me a way to see a light at the end of the tunnel. I would recommend Jill to anyone who wanted to work with a truly talented, understanding, excellent therapist.”


“I don’t know where I’d be without Jill’s sessions and I have not looked back since.”


“Learning is so easy when you are taught by someone as knowledgeable and passionate as you. We greatly valued your time and effort, your knowledge and passion, and your dedication and desire to help.”


“Well where do I start! I can honestly say that you are one of the best trainers I have come across in my working /learning life. Your way of teaching is clear, thorough and with plenty of humour which is so important. For me personally I found that you teach from the heart as well as the head and that is such a wonderful gift.”


“You have a natural ability to teach, educate and extract the best from people.  As I heard from someone…  ” As you let your light shine, you light up those around you…”


“I found you to have a wonderful blend of professionalism and humour, approaching your work with such zeal and enthusiasm.  You have inspired me to make a difference in the world. Thank you.”


“Jill, you are a brilliant trainer and I would like to thank you again for the thought-provoking learning experience.

The passion, experience and intelligence you bring to your thoroughly enjoyable training, alongside your personable approach make you one of the best trainers and therapists in the country. I am sure that many others like I have done, will benefit from the exceptional skills and the extra mile that you put into your worthwhile work.”


“Jill is an inspirational trainer, she is able to make complex issues appear simple to understand and therefore learn.  I loved the many different ways that we were asked to learn, it allowed us to be interactive and to develop at an incredibly intuitive pace.
Since setting up my own practice I have appreciated the standard set by Jill as it allows me to work with great integrity, and with the most incredible range of clients.”


“A guardian angel was looking down on me when I was given Jill Wootton’s number. As a very successful dancer and choreographer I have been allowed to find myself through her incredible work. I cannot stress how much not just myself but both friends and family noticed the difference in me, my positivity, energy levels and outlook in life. I truly believe I would not be where I am without her support and knowledge.”


“I am very grateful to Jill as I found her at just the right time and I broke a pattern of continually looking at the past. Life still has its gentle ups and downs, but I am able to cope happily with them, and haven’t since needed to seek out further therapy. This was by far the best result I got from any therapist!”


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