What Is Intuition?

If you are asking yourself this question you stand on the brink of discovering one of your most powerful gifts. Instinct is the power to see beyond appearance and bridge the gap between instinct and reason, between conscious and subconscious. A powerful guiding force conveyed by an ‘inner voice’ or hunch.

Aware of this gift or not, you have the natural ability to use your intuition, to be confident and quick when you make decisions. Know who to trust and who not to. Be able to read how your colleagues or partner are feeling. Intuition can be a powerful ally guiding your everyday actions to help overcome difficulties and head towards success.

Accessing your intuition is a foundation for success. Throughout time, successful sportsmen to wealthy entrepreneurs have put their ‘luck’ down to their intuition. A hunch, an idea or thought that comes from nowhere, and often defies logic, cognition and statistics.

Intuition can be critical to making a good decision. In his book Blink, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about the famous statue bought by the Getty museum against advice from two well-known art historians. Within seconds of seeing the statue they both pronounced it was a fake. When asked why, they couldn’t put into words why but felt an ‘inner revulsion’ and one said the word ‘fresh’ came into her mind.

And Richard Branson said ‘In the same way I tend to make up my mind about people in the first 30 seconds of seeing them, I also make up my mind about whether a business excites me within about 30 seconds of looking at it. I rely far more on gut instincts than researching huge amount of statistics.’

Steve Jobs based his career on intuition and many lives have been saved by actions that defy the knowledge available at the time. Like the firefighters in Cleveland Ohio who were evacuated by their commander seconds before the floor they were on collapsed. The commander put the quick decision to intuition and knowing something wasn’t right.

Double your business in 5 years using great intuition. A scientific study by Professor John Milhalasky at the New Jersey Institute of Technology revealed the mega impact intuition can have on business growth. He showed that a staggering 81% of CEO’s who had high intuition scores doubled their business in 5 years. Compared to 25% of CEO’s with low intuition scores. OK, so we want more intuition now, right?

How do we get intuitive thoughts? There are many thoughts about where intuition comes from but leading edge physics and the wave particle theory reveals we live in a quantum reality. And awareness can exist outside of your body in what Lynne MacTaggart calls ‘The Field.’

A bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind. You have the ability to read information from ‘the ‘Field’ via your energy body that in turn informs your physical body and creates the ‘thought.’ Your energy body is simply the network of meridians and chakras that underpin the working of your physical body. Something the ancient Chinese acupuncturists have known about for a millennium. 

You pick up information via your 3 brains – Mind, Heart, and Gut. The 3 organs have a vast array of biological chemical and electro-magnetic components working on both a physical and energetic level. We often express instinct as ‘gut feeling’ or ‘my heart senses….’

We often ignore our intuition. How often have you had a flash of inspiration, wrestled with it, acted against your hunch and then regretted it? In today’s modern society we all too often ignore the intelligence of this bridge when our instinct goes against conventional wisdom or logic.

Now you know intuition can be a powerful guiding force, you now need some tools that will help you develop your intuition. So next week I am going to write the weekly blog on ‘How to improve your intuition’.

Bye for now

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