People Pleasing Others Can Deplete Your Energy. How To Remain True To Yourself!

Clients remind me so often of the problems we all face, and continue to give me the inspiration to share what turns around difficult situations. These last few months have been no exception as I have seen a lot of tired people. All of them were in situations where they were not living out what was true for them. John was one of them:

‘I feel that I am stuck because she (wife) said if I love her I would stay in this job and quit trying to retrain as a teacher. I love my wife and kids but I have always wanted to teach young kids, I remember one of my teachers at school how he helped turn my life around – made me believe in myself. And I feel now I am older and wiser I can do that for children too.’

Wow – how often do I see this! Someone who is trying to keep the ones they love happy by not following their own dream. There are many reasons why a person will ignore their intuition and not go for their dream life. This is what I see most. Not going forward so often boils down to fear:

  • Fear of failure ‘What if I fail, what if it doesn’t work out?’
  • Fear of success – yes that’s a big one! ‘Will my friends still want to be with me if I am successful and happy?’
  • ‘What do I stand to lose if I choose a path that my partner/children/family don’t want me to go on?’
  • ‘What if I am not good enough?’
  • Fear of what people will think of me.
  • Staying small makes me invisible – you don’t have to be responsible if things go wrong.

So how come not following your dream results in a loss of power? 
That’s because your body’s energy system is uniquely geared to respond to your feelings. When you have a sad thought, limiting belief or feel fear, your body produces chemicals like you were really under threat. These chemicals gear you up for instant reactions in response to threat. And guess what? Yes, you can’t think straight, you feel anxious and will find it hard to generate positive feelings about your future. So we go for the easy option – anything for a more stress free life. Sound familiar?

If you have recognised any of these traits in you – that’s fantastic! Yes, I really did write that because being aware of the reasons why you are not going for your dream is the first step to overcoming that behaviour. 

The second step is knowing why you don’t stay true to yourself. Check out the list above and see what holds true for your situation. Once you have identified why you hold back, then you can start work to unpick the beliefs and actions that hold the block in place.

And Tapping is the best way to start to deal with the belief so check out our 3 free training videos that will help you understand why you are not living your life purpose.  This training will teach you how to use tapping to get rid of the beliefs and actions that hold you back.

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