Are you using your 3 brains to make the best decisions?

Or are you operating on automatic pilot?

Yes, I can sense a quizzical face even if I can’t see you.

I’m going to share with you how I make decisions when I feel stuck and my head is 2going around and around.

The reasons why I’m writing this blog is because people have been telling me that they are finding it harder than ever to make decisions.

We don’t have to look far to get an idea of why.

Lockdown is causing many people to worry and this shuts down the higher centres of our brains. This means we find it harder to access the compassionate, creative and bigger picture thinking parts of ourselves.

The result of this is that we act from survival instincts (which are pretty basic) and our pre programmed patterns.

So, when we try to make decisions that feel important we are likely to go over and over what is best.

And this overwhelm and frustration goes on in our heads. And yes we have 2 other important centres that could help out – like trusting old pals who want to contribute their view.

But, because we get locked down into a spiral of thought we ignore the precious and game changing advice.

So, what and where are they?

The 3 Brains

Ok, so the first step is to roughly define what a brain is. All brains have their own intrinsic nervous systems. They’ve got a super, rich dense field of neurons and a whole range of capabilities in order to do complex processes.  They can take on information, process it, store it, change and adapt it. Basically, if it can learn, it’s a brain.

We have 3 of these beauties – in our guts, heart and the grey matter in our skull.

The first brain – the one in our head 

This is about thinking, perception and cognition. And often involves working from patterns of habit. You can recognise when someone is using this brain solely from statements like – ‘I think that……..” “I see” and “I understand”.

The second brain – the heart

Science has shown that the communication between the heart and brain is a dynamic, ongoing, two-way dialogue, with each organ continuously influences the other’s function. And the energy field from the heart can extend metres beyond the body.

So our head brain doesn’t control the show and dictate what happens. The heart communicates with the brain in ways that massively affect how we perceive and react to the world. It’s where we feel our values and relationships to and within this world. The language of the heart is the language of how we feel.




The third brain – the gut

This is where we get our ‘gut instincts’ and it’s important for our immunity and physical protection. It is responsible for producing about 95% of our happiness hormone – serotonin. And it is where we find courage.

Most of us use just one of these beauties and so we miss out on the richness when we combine them.


Recently I was struggling to make a decision about something important to me – and a friend said have you tried the 3 brain process. Dhurrrr of course – it’s what I help my clients to do all the time!

How to use your 3 brains 

  1. Think about the thing you want an answer to.
  2. Do HeartMath breathing – which I have talked about a lot but for a reminder – just breath in and out in a really relaxed way whilst doing an even in and out for about 5. So that’s about 4 seconds each way.
  3. Then drop your attention down to your heart area and ask the question and listen/feel the immediate answer. The instant feeling is what this brain is feeling anything after that is usually from the head and identity.
  4. You can drop down and see how your guts react too.

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I have found this process the most simple way to access intuition and creativity.

It bypasses the feeling of being stuck and not being able to go forward with a decision. I could write pages on this but just try this simple process if you aren’t sure of what to do.

You might also be interested in reviewing the blogs I did about increasing your intuition.


If you are thinking you would benefit from a coaching call to help you move from feeling stuck to growth and freedom – give me a buzz or contact me at


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