A Rubbish January – Learn From My Mistake

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How was your January? I am going to own up, mine wasn’t great. And I want to let you in to the reason why.

At the end of last year I did a deep dive into my vision for the future and my big WHY. Spent hours going over what and whom I felt drawn to work with.

And I felt on fire.

I started to take action to create the next steps in my business and everything just seemed to happen with ease.

The right people just seemed to come into my life, at just the right time – sometimes it was to help with the technology. I received very timely life changing guidance from my two amazing heart centered business coaches.

The reactions from my tribe (and new people I had begun to work with) were so full of encouragement.

I couldn’t put a foot wrong.

Then January hit and OMG I felt like I wasting through treacle. Suddenly I got stuck for ideas on content and had problems with every bit of technology going.

I felt rubbish.

The energy that flowed in me before Christmas seemed to have evaporated. I started to doubt myself and within a few weeks I had lost sight of what on earth I was doing.

And that was the route of the problem.

I simply had lost sight of where I was heading and why.shutterstock_77837854

I’d forgotten why I was getting up really early, putting in the extra hours and writing content like a crazy girl. I’d forgotten the tribe of people I want to continue to support and the new ones I wanted to serve.

I had let myself get bogged down in the doing, I had started to work IN my business not ON IT. Not being able to see the wood for the trees I was just mindlessly following the plans set before Christmas – at about a quarter of the pace I normally work.

And, even though I teach this stuff, I had forgotten to stay connected to where I was going and why. I know that mindset is such an instrumental part of making change happen. It is the connection to your what and why of your vision that summons creative energy to bring that future alive but I had let the actions and busyness take over.

If you work with me you know that I am always saying of course making change happen isn’t all about the vision – of course you got to have the right coaching, the appropriate skills and a great team of people. And take action – but it’s no good if your vision isn’t aligned with your actions.

So, I started to meditate every day – picked up my neglected journal and every day started to reconnect with what I wanted to achieve, the people I was doing it for – and how their lives would change because of that work. I imagined in detail every day how their lives would be – the changes for them and the people they worked with. I saw how that would impact on me too. And I live that life – every day now for 15 minutes sometimes more.

Oh and hey presto I am on track, firing on all cylinders and feeling fantastic. Magic eh? I don’t think so!

I had lined up with my vision and my why, so my cells could start to communicate with the quantum field.

Your body’s cells have to function as a community – just like the quantum field does. So, it’s no good trying to exclude one part of you.

If you want something more or different to what you have now. You sure will want to connect with the vision of that future new mind body experience, because it’s so hard to change from the exact place you are in now.

Hey, learn from my mistake and the crap January I manifested – Connection to your vision and your WHY every day.

Daydream about it, write about it loose yourself in that future every day for a few minutes. And only then – kick the ass out of every action step you have planned.

Does this resonate with you? Let me know your thoughts.


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