How to protect yourself from the hidden power of your brain to force your history to dictate your future. 6 Tips to rewire your brain.

Science shows that 95% of your emotions, thoughts and actions are governed by your subconscious mind. So when you feel
trapped and can’t shift your feelings or situation, you can be sure that your subconscious mind is running the show. Most of the time you will be blissfully unaware that your subconscious mind is projecting fears and doubts from past memories onto every moment of every day.

Groundhog day AGAIN as habits and reactions spoil the day.

So what happens is that no matter how much you want life to be different, unless you seize hold of your subconscious beliefs systems, your life isn’t going to change very much.

You can rely on will power but will power has an expiry date.

When you are determined to make changes – you can focus all of your energy on resisting the thoughts, actions and feelings engrained in the old ways. But, the power of the subconscious mind is like a giant gladiator facing a dragon fly – crushing the strongest will.

The gladiatorial strength of the subconscious, floods your mind with fear building chemicals and blocks creative insight. This shuts down your motivational centres and locks you in a , neural network that dictates how you feel, think and react.

Solve this trap by upgrading the patterns in your mind.

“Holy smoke” I can hear you say – “So how do I get out of this?” Well, just be thankful for your brains ability to change its neural circuits.

Love your neuroplasiticity and neurogenisis.

In 1945 Donald Hebbs discovered ‘neurons that fire together, wire together.’ We used to think that you were allotted a number of brain cells and  as you got older they gradually died off.

Thankfully science has made huge leaps. Your brain constantly produces new cells. This process is called neurogenesis. And this miracle doesn’t stop there, cells are able to rewire themselves at any point. Yes, you can literally retrain your brain to help you feel, think and act differently. And this process is called neuroplasticty.

Every thought creates a neural network.

A neural network is like a row of lights that get connected every time you think a certain thought. And the more you revisit those thoughts the brighter the lights become. In other words, the connections get stronger whenever you experience the thought which gets powered up even further when laced with emotions, behaviours and habitual perceptions.

6 Tips on – How to start to rewire your brain:

  1. Start to identify the beliefs, emotions, thoughts and actions that you would like to change.
  2. Spend time writing down why you want to change and all the good things it will bring. This starts to programme the part of the brain that maps the direction to achieve your goals. Dive deep into all the benefits and recognise as many positive feelings as you can.
  3. Mentally rehearse what it will be like once you have the new pattern. Imagine that it has already happened.
  4. Create an anchor to help you switch the feelings – when you are feeling them aim to hold a picture or memory in your mind that is full of joy or compassion. This will also help change the old circuit.
  5. Take appropriate action. Again take a moment to write down the actions that will support your goals.
  6. Repeat the above as much as you can – daily is great and once you have done it once it won’t take long to repeat until the habit gets well and truly crushed!

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