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Are you using your 3 brains to make the best decisions?

Or are you operating on automatic pilot?

Yes, I can sense a quizzical face even if I can’t see you.

I’m going to share with you how I make decisions when I feel stuck and my head is going around and around.

The reasons why I’m writing this blog is because people have been telling me that they

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When your self esteem relies on what others think

After working with so many people over the years – one thing I know for absolute certain is this….

If you constantly look for validation for who you are from others, it’s a recipe for anxiety and overwhelm.

The simple fact is…… If you don’t love YOURSELF – others will find it hard to.

When you constantly want others to let

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A Rubbish January - Learn From My Mistake

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How was your January? I am going to own up, mine wasn’t great. And I want to let you in to the reason why.

At the end of last year I did a deep dive into my vision for the future and my big WHY. Spent hours going over what and

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Why Taking A Break Is Essential For High Performance

If you want to be a high performer you need your brain to be super charged. According to the latest neuroscience that means taking regular breaks, even if you have a massive list of things to do.

And yes, I know you don’t want to think about that right now. As you scan this article you are probably

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Stop Self-Blame And Be Kind To Yourself

I saw my client Mary yesterday who was beating herself up because she hadn’t lost the weight she’d hoped to. Mary went on to say how she couldn’t ever seem to get things right and was feeling really low and unmotivated. Her words made me reflect on how many times I see fabulous women who

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5 Reasons Why You Should Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

I let out a squeal as I felt my dingy rising and tipping as the sail caught another strong gust of wind and dumped me into the waves. I was in Spain, taking my RYA (Royal Yachting Association)Part 1 and the strong off shore winds had seen me flung into the sea many times that

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Overcome Fear of Failure

Linda was a client who was downhearted and wasn’t enjoying life. Aged 38 Linda told me she had let many opportunities pass her by. Her voice cracked on a few occasions as she explained how anxious she got when she had to do something new, or take on more responsibility. The result was

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Stop Self Sabotage

Did you know that when a female black widow spider finds her mate, has great spider sex; she is overwhelmed by a strong instinct to kill him? Now I know I am just supposing here but what if she loved him? I mean really had some feelings for her partner but was unable to

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Improve Your Intuition In Just 7 Steps

‘Can I learn how to become intuitive?’ That’s a question I get asked a lot because many of my clients don’t realize intuition is an innate part of being human. And, like any skill, the more you use your intuition the stronger it becomes.

From the beginning of life you have a sixth sense, an unconscious

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What Is Intuition?

If you are asking yourself this question you stand on the brink of discovering one of your most powerful gifts. Instinct is the power to see beyond appearance and bridge the gap between instinct and reason, between conscious and subconscious. A powerful guiding force conveyed by an ‘inner voice’ or hunch.

Aware of this gift or

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