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Jill’s thirst for understanding the mind and how our non physical energy systems effect us made her walk away from a successful business career and embark on a remarkable journey.

Jill worked with many eminent people in the mind body field and became an expert hypnotherapist and psychotherapist. Using a fusion of traditional and energy psychology, Jill has now coached and trained thousands and thousands of people to help overcome barriers to success and happiness.

Described as a ‘pocket dynamo’ Jill said it is her life’s mission to share what she knows so that others can create a life they love and deserve.

‘So often your subconscious mind will sabotage your efforts to change your life. And no amount of will power stops negative emotion or unwanted behaviour from appearing. But there is a way to transform and be the best version of you.  And it’s my passion to help you do that. I strip away confusing psychobabble about what makes a human being tick and bring you the keys to mastering your subconscious blueprints so you can create a life you absolutely love.

We live in extraordinary times. There has never been a greater need for everyone to step up to their person power and make clear choices about how they want to live their life.

I want to share the skills that helped me expand and create a career and life I love, I believe this to be my life’s work.’

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